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Welcome to ExamPandit!

(Patent Pending) 

We provide Exam Preparation material - 


-Old question papers


-Prepare for specific syllabus units using the ability to list questions by Syllabus unit numbers.

-(And in the future) Answers and Videos for certain topics 

Note: Some of the above are free, and others are available for paid premium membership


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BE/VTU 1st and 2nd Semester Students

(Visvesvaraya Technological University, Karnataka, India)

Please note that we are not affiliated with, or approved by VTU.

If you are a student of another University, or a faculty member of any institution, you are welcome to register and visit our site. We are actively expanding our material to help more students


much does it cost?

Registration and Basic services are free.

In the future, certain sections and tools will be available only to paid premium membership. Please note that premium membership needs to be renewed periodically. When you begin using the web site, you will be informed about the sections that need premium membership.



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